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IoT: The Guardian Angel of Call Centre Industry

Posted by Prachi Priya

Smart devices are the new trend today! From sensors managing the traffic on the roads to in-house applications that control everything, IoT is everywhere. Internet of Things (IoT) symbolizes devices that are available around the world and are connected through the internet offering automated services. Companies offering call answering service also use IoT to simplify services to the customer and to maintain satisfaction levels with swift on-time service availability.

It is after the arrival of computer chips and wireless networks that such advancements in business processes became possible and connecting with internet availability turn out to be possible. There are numerous devices present in the world to simplify business functions and the introduction of sensors driven by IoT adds a digitally smart touch to the devices giving them the authority of extracting and managing real-time data without the need for manual agents.

The idea of intelligence and sensors for objects was introduced in the 1980s and 1990s. Kevin Ashton coined the phrase 'Internet of Things' in 1999.

How is IoT Helpful?

For companies offering phone answering services and handling other secondary business functions for outsourced partners, IoT helps to automate smart objects that further assist in simplified service operations. The outsourced call centre agents can offer proactive and smart customer support services with IoT at support. Subsequently, why following traditional services to maintaining customer satisfaction when automated modules can simplify time taking tasks!

The modern epoch is all about advanced solutions to meet customer needs on time and BPOs using IoT to manage business functions leverage a great way to advance service results to the customer. After all, every customer loves swift services and hassle-free interaction with the partner.

The time wasted in resolving customer concerns manually is simplified with automation with IoT, which is why agents can now resolve an issue even before it occurs. With the help of smart objects, agents have turned diligent and the hassle of call abandonment and call queue hassles is put to rest too.

With the advancements in IoT, call centre agents offering call answering service now require efficient training. For specific instances, agents need training on using IoT driven devices efficiently.

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For call centre firms, IoT helps manage a huge volume of data, which is a great advantage over the traditional times, when the data was managed manually. If there is a technical glitch, IoT helps to manage data availability, which eventually helps to resolve issues instantly.  Not only is this, but to increase customer satisfaction, IoT helps to analyse solutions that are not working well for the business, so that the same issue is not repeated again.

To help you understand the significance of IoT for the call centre industry, we introduce some ways it revolutionizes services for the industry.

Ways IoT Helps BPO Firms Boost Service Operation:


IoT Helps Call Centres Ease Self-Service

Internet of Things (IoT) introduces various ways self-service options can be optimized. Not all customers look forward to an agent to resolve their concerns. Conversely, most users today want a way that helps them to resolve concerns without consulting an external partner.

IoT helps to digitalize smart objects that later helps with efficient self-service handling, which has led to an increase in the demand for IoT driven BPOs.

In the future, IoT will help outsourced call centre firms gain more control over customer service operations with the help of the availability of new information. This can bring a huge impact on customer service, thereafter on phone answering services, as customers will not require waiting in long queues to get their queries answered.

When data sets are available easily, managing repetitive calls becomes hassle-free too, as the agent does not waste time searching for other information.

IoT Devices Assisting in Better Data Management

The modern tech advancement with IoT can help call centres with sensors and wireless technology, which assists in getting real-time data with the help of an internet connection.

The advancement of IoT brings in the advantage of providing live agents to the customers’ assistance. Since data sets can be automated and analysed by IoT devices thus, agents and customers receive a competitive advantage of better data acquisition than they used to do traditionally acquire with manual data managing. After all, the on-time availability of data makes it integral!

Active Solutions

The traditional call centres wherein call answering service was central, the modern call centres deal with a broader perspective. BPOs today not only handle the customer support solutions but also look after IT support functions, finance and accounting outsourcing, helpdesk solutions, etc.

This is why proactive solutions are a new trend. With IoT at support, customer service solutions leverage the advantage of knowing customer concerns beforehand and resolving the same even before there is a need. Earlier customers waited until an issue came into knowledge, however with IoT driven solutions, sensors help to prompt probable shortcomings beforehand by analysing performance and other customers’ reviews.

Multichannel Assistance

Customers can contact you 24X7 and if you have outsourced your customer support to an outsourced call centre firm, make sure it leverages the advantage of IoT. Customers contact through various channels like social mediums, calls, texts, emails, etc. and agents need to be available on these entire multichannel platforms.

With the help of IoT, customers can directly contact the agent without any hassle. Smart objects can create a new channel where the agents can access the customer details and can answer user queries instantly analysing the customers’ buying/complaint trends.

IoT can make all the channels accessible through one platform where the chance of missing out on a customers’ query is no more a concern.

Call Centres to Handle Huge Data Sets

BPOs handle call answering service for multiple partners wherein they are expected to offer astounding phone answering services. Well, to manage customer support responsibility splendidly, access to huge data sets is indispensable. The more the data, the better the agents’ can analyse any particular situation and bring the necessary results for customer satisfaction.

IoT brings huge data sets to the table by repeatedly analysing varied sets of information. This data can help to resolve technical and probable hindrances that can come in the future. Thus why wasting time and capital on traditional manual data management processes when IoT can automate the same!

Wrap Up:

As per the research by ABI, by 2020, more than 30 billion devices will be wirelessly connected to physical devices.

    (Data of growing IoT) Source -

The biggest perk that outsourced call centres draw from IoT is that they gain better control over customer interactions. The customers’ expectations will rise in the future, which is where IoT helps to meet expectations easily with automated and instant support solutions.

IoT brings in the advantage of big data apps, a professional workforce, strategic expertise, and advanced data management systems to offer a one-stop customer service solution.

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