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Enhancing Business Marketing Strategies during Pandemic!

Posted by Prachi Priya
business marketing strategies

Who thought that a pandemic like Coronavirus would create crisis like situations around the world! Nobody ever imagined that businesses flourishing earlier would struggle to survive in the time to come.

The most affected industry in this time is outsourcing companies that are facing various issues with massive lockdowns stretched over months around the globe. Since every BPO company operates manually in most states, thus conducting remote working to keep the services alive becomes impossible. Such an instance teaches the need for BPO companies to manage their services over cloud-based formats as an emergency can strike anytime.

Such pandemic scenes are unpredictable and make us aware that we need to be ready for any adverse situation always. Most importantly, BPO companies work for clients handling their customer support and other secondary functions, which makes it even more significant for them to keep their services alive during crisis times.

With such a pandemic hitting the business industry hard, most companies worriedly asked questions regarding tips for new marketing techniques to survive the pandemic. As social distancing, remote working, and work amid lockdown scenes have become the new normal, thus, companies require new marketing techniques to reach the customers and even win their interests.

As the crisis is affecting the world’s economy adversely, marketers need to learn new techniques in these uncertain times. Since the demand for required services will never end, that is why effective marketing techniques can help your business earn a brand name. In such tough times, businesses that stay tuned with their customers and make the clients feel valued will earn their loyalty, thus keep a check on some marketing tips as we team them up for you.

Are you planning to work and lead your company to strengthened heights amid the crisis? Well, here are some tips to help:

1. Make sure your customers know how you are doing

Customers should never be out of the business’ access!

It is important to keep the customers informed about the changes in the business functions, make the customers know about the company’s plan to work amid the COVID crisis, deliver positive messages to the customer, and stay relevant.

Companies can also use videos to motivate the customers so that they feel valued and have a sense of relines on their service provider.

2. Make sure you are online!

In crisis times, companies cannot operate like regular and online services becomes the new normal. Although online mediums have been in line even before, however, such pandemic situations highlight the need for online services in keeping companies alive.

Since search trends keep on fluctuating, thus when companies have their services online, they get to reach the audience easily depending on their requirements.

Imagine yourself aiming to be in the most rated call centre outsourcing companies. Will you be able to make it without making your services online?

Well, seriously NO!

Companies that use online mediums excel easily in this fast-changing world as customers catch up with businesses offering online services.

online marketing

Pandemic scenarios like COVID-19 highlight the need for companies to be online, as, in such times, it is easy to operate remotely and keep the business functions alive.

3. Build a customer-business relationship

When we talk about marketing tips for companies to keep their services alive through the pandemic time, focusing on customer-business relationship building comes as an important metric.

When customers feel valued and when they feel that the business eagerly looks after their needs, they will always be loyal to your services.

Companies have to be empathetic at such times and be by the customers’ side learning from them all that they feel. If you are an e-commerce firm, make sure you drop an email or text to your customer asking how they are doing. You can engross them into a short interactive session too or maybe a quiz competition. By doing so, you also get to know their interest that helps to enhance business deliveries in the future.

However, if you are an outsourcing firm, make sure you meet your clients’ needs, check for any requirement that may have been missed, and keep your clients’ up-to-date.

4. Enhance customer experience


customer experience

There is much uncertainty in the market about when the COVID pandemic will end. In such scenes, will companies wait for the pandemic to end?

Well, if companies do so, the competitors will ultimately make their place in the customers’ good books and there will not be a way out later.

Such tough times demand companies to enhance their customer experiences. Yes, we agree that it is not easy to uplift customer satisfaction with limited resources. Nevertheless, as a business owner, it is vital to look up to new marketing techniques and keep the customers’ interest alive.

Refresh your customer experience by responding with liveliness, engaging them through all possible sales channels, and optimizing practices.

5. Refreshed pricing model

Every BPO company refreshes its pricing model from time to time as it feels outsourcing companies need to keep up-to-date as per the market rates.

When we talk about marketing tips to enhance business performance in times of a pandemic, a refreshed pricing model will always be a great idea.


Well, when it comes to an agile strategy, experimenting with the pricing model always helps. Customers always look up to pricing at such tough times, and it is imperative to understand the demand of the situation and work accordingly.

Companies need to refresh the pricing model and look into the clients’ needs at that moment. Most clients will switch to competitors due to minor reasons that you may have fulfilled earlier. Thus, look into the client’s needs and maintain loyalty.

6. Stay tuned while working remotely


remote working

The customers make or break the business, which is why their satisfaction maintenance is of high importance. As we talk about marketing tips to enhance the customers’ visibility and loyalty, it is highly significant for companies to work remotely and stay tuned with the customers.

If companies do not take the necessary steps required in such adverse scenes, customers will not rely on the business service any further.

The companies that stay by their customers’ side in all vicissitudes are the ones who earn loyalty. Remote working does not mean certain tasks to be on hold, however, it urges agents to make sure that the company helps the customer receive services as usual to the extent it is possible.

To staying tuned, companies can use blogs, videos, emails, texts, etc. to reach the customer. Online content is a great way to attract the viewers’ interest and it can be used amazingly.

Wrap Up

When a pandemic hits the world making regular functions vulnerable, companies need to research and make the customers understand how things will work until everything is normal. On the technological front, companies can use self-service, Chatbots and RPA to work remotely in such pandemic times without any hassle.

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