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Call centre Outsourcing- Improve Your Customer Interactions & Services

Posted by Neha Dubey

The call centre of today has evolved beyond the phone line to become a contact centre that covers not just the phone but live chat, social media, and other channels. Offering your clients a functional resource with which to contact if they have problems using your products or services can be a daunting task. Typically, providing such a service requires significant investments in personnel, training, and maintenance. But it can be achieved in a much easier manner using call centre outsourcing.

Outsourcing call centres can indeed be a cost-effective method of enhancing customer service. However, it is of utmost importance to consider several factors before opting for this method of streamlining customer interactions.

In this article, we will discuss how call centre outsourcing services can improve your customer interactions and services. 

What is Call centre Outsourcing? 

A company that outsources uses labour from sources outside the company. Your company allows another to take over specific functions so that your employees can concentrate on their core responsibilities. The specialists handle non-essential aspects of your operations according to the instructions you give them. It balances the costs of in-house functions while integrating external talent to maximize your business' bottom line.

Outsourcing call centre services can streamline your business's functionality in key areas and ensure a better customer experience. As part of business process outsourcing (BPO), call centres can provide a range of services from customer service to help desk support, technical support, and marketing assistance.

How does call centre Outsourcing work?

The outsourcing solution you choose will depend on the business expectations, objectives, and goals of your company. Whatever decision you make, your outsourcing partner must minimize your organization's costs and maximize profits. 

Make sure you are choosing an outsourcer who can meet your unique business needs. For example, if you wish to offload your customer service department, you need to decide how you will outsource it so it does not hamper your company’s workload. 

What are the benefits of Call centre Outsourcing? 

Globally, outsourcing non-core work has significantly increased in the past several decades. Offshoring offers a competitive price, so it's a no-brainer to do so.

Below we are listing the top 13 benefits of call centre outsourcing: 

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1. Reduced Costs- The cost of setting up a call centre requires substantial investments in equipment, facilities, operations, and staffing. Outsourced call centres can spread costs among many clients so that each pays only for the services needed on a transactional or per-hour basis. 

2. To reduce idle time and lower client costs, outsourcers can share agents with multiple clients. This approach reduces idle time and allows clients to reduce their call-per-call rates.

3. Flexibility & Scalability- As call volumes increase and decrease, in-house call centres are mercilessly affected by periods of low call volume when agents are idle. Outsourced call centres gain from multiple clients, which reduces the severity of peaks and valleys in call volume. 

4. Moreover, call centres that are outsourced can be scaled quickly if call volumes spike because of a holiday season or a major marketing campaign. It will also help in scheduling staff more effectively, which can help reduce cost-per-call.

5. Quality & Monitoring Control- All customer calls and messages received through other channels (such as email and webchat) are required to be handled professionally as determined by outsourcing service level agreements (SLAs). Answer times and first-time resolution rates are some of the most vital metrics. 

6. The call centre industry utilizes monitoring tools, performance assessments, and performance improvement plans to ensure SLAs are met. In-house contact centres, on the other hand, may lack the resources or expertise necessary for structured, continuous quality monitoring and performance improvement.

7. Access to the latest technology- Dedicated outsourcing companies invest in the latest technologies to offer their customers a multichannel customer service experience. It includes cloud-based platforms, VoIP, email, webchat, SMS text, and social media monitoring. 

8. Outsourcing companies have multiple clients. It is why they can spread the cost of these platforms among several clients. The latest contact centre technology may be too expensive for some in-house call centres.

9. Round-the-clock support- It would be wonderful to contact a live customer service representative at any time of the day, days a week, by phone or email. But most organizations cannot provide that kind of support in-house. But when you outsource Call centres in India, they provide you with incredible round-the-clock support. 

10. Reporting- Many companies offer clients access to real-time data reporting along with daily, weekly, or monthly reports. Clients determine which reports they wish to receive. It gives clients control over when they want to receive data and which reports they receive. 

11. Data Collection & Analysis- Call centres that are outsourced take advantage of the experience they have gained from working with multiple clients. They also use the data generated by many marketing and advertising campaigns to gain insight and improve their clients' processes. 

12. Improved Customer Satisfaction- The companies that provide outsourced call centre services offer many options for communication. These options include email, voice, live chat, text, and chatbots. Many companies have found that outsourcing companies not only help them save money but also provide them with superior customer service.

13. Increased Bottom lines- Call center outsourcing leads to an increase in the company’s profit growth. By outsourcing, you can easily streamline your business processes, which leads to an increase in productivity, hence a better bottom line. 

What are some practices to manage Call centre Outsourcing services? 

Many businesses use call centre outsourcing companies to augment their staff for functions such as customer support and service. A call centre team provides customer support and service daily, and effective management is crucial!

Whether this is your first time outsourcing or you are looking to hire your first call centre, you need to know the basics of the industry. There are a wide variety of call centre companies so you can choose the right one for you. 

Below we are listing some practices that you must consider to manage call centre outsourcing services: 


Good CRM software is important 

To establish a customer relationship, assist in customer retention, and make sales more efficient, CRM can be defined as either a technology or a process. CRM refers to managing customer relations both strategically and operationally. 

Customer relationship management (CRM) systems compile information on customers and methods of contacting the company, like the website, contact number, email address, and social media accounts. A CRM system is necessary for tracking customer engagement, leads, marketing, and analytics. To accomplish this, your team needs a powerful CRM system.

Go for high-quality VoIP

VoIP (Voice over Internet Phone) is the main method of communication in call centres; it converts and transmits internal and external communication over the Internet. Unlike an analogue phone, this can transmit SMS messages, send faxes, and connect to the internet. 

If you are looking to provide smooth customer service to your clients, you ought to invest in reliable VoIP systems that can offer you good service when making and receiving calls from your clients.

Consider digital payment method 

The days of simply providing phone service are gone. Today, call centres are multi-channel support centres and provide information via email, webchat, IVR touchtones, social media, SMS, smartphone applications, IVR speech, and video. This holistic approach is what drives many companies to look for an external call centre service provider. Further, businesses that offer multi-channel support receive twice the customer satisfaction each year. It is highly unlikely that any company can consistently achieve this level of customer satisfaction.

Performance monitoring software 

As part of call centre monitoring, key performance indicators (KPIs) measure both the qualitative and quantitative effectiveness of your team members. Monitoring is vital to ensuring your team members' quality of work because their output reflects your business. 

In quantitative performance, customer issues, sales support, and customer service issues are counted. Qualitative performance refers to whether each call was resolved, dropped, or transferred to another agent, as well as the average time an agent spent working each call. Customers' satisfaction can be affected whether their issues were resolved quickly, or they already dropped the call because they waited too long.A performance monitoring software should be available for the person who oversees the operation. It should track the performance of employees through tracking their time, monitoring their workload, and checking the quality of their calls. 

Choose a good location for your Call centre 

The top countries to outsource call centres are typically in Asia and Eastern Europe. Having a good location for your call centre is a huge advantage for your business, especially when operating overseas. 

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Bottom Line

Call centre outsourcing is always the best choice for companies of all sizes. All you need to do is find a reliable call centre outsourcing service provider who can meet your business needs without any hassle. Go4customer is one such trusted service provider. They have helped many organizations, including Fortune 500 and government agencies in streamlining their business processes. So wait no more and contact our call centre experts at

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