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4 Customer Frustrations that can Harm Business’s Credibility

Posted by Rahul Garg

“Every company's greatest assets are its customers, because without customers there is no company.”
– Michael LeBoeuf

To enjoy success for a long-term, it is significant for business owners to keep customers happy. This can be done if customers get quality support service in an hour of need. Apart from making customers happy, it is extremely important for companies to offer first-class support service to secure the future of the business. This is so because if companies fail to deliver impeccable solutions consistently, the problem of customer defection is more likely to take place.  

To keep rolling the success ball, most of the business owners avail customer care services from inbound call centres. This is the most effective way to put the brakes on the increasing customer frustrations. Today, we will talk about 4 factors that lead to customer frustrations and raise questions on the business’s credibility. So, let’s get the ball rolling:


1. Complex IVR Menus

After placing a call to avail support service, customers often don’t mind browsing IVR menu as they know that it may consist of those options that can help to solve issues without human interaction. This is a win-win factor because it not only keeps the customer satisfaction score stable but also reduces the workload of support agents significantly.

However, IVR system that is tough to navigate often drives customers up the wall. It is so because customers usually expect that they would easily find out the desired option while going through the IVR menu. Due to the complex or deep IVR menu, when customers don’t find out the expected options then they have to hang-up the call and bring up the issue to another support channel. This, as a negative consequence, creates a negative image of the brand in the customers’ mind.

Being a business owner, therefore, if you don’t want your customers to turn into brand detractors, quit running an in-house call centre. And avail call centre outsourcing services from a reputed vendor as that’s the best way to maintain the business’s credibility.

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2. Unnecessary Call Transfers

Oftentimes, customers choose the voice channel to get the resolution of product-related issues as they are emotionally connected to it. The most cited reason behind that is telephone support medium offers ‘Human touch’ that you can hardly expect from other customer service platforms.

But unnecessary call transfers is one of those primary factors that generally result in customer frustrations. It is so because customers often expect prompt resolutions as soon as support agents respond to the call. However, when customers get transferred from one department to another for the solution of generic issues, this ruins the support service experience. Consequently, this leads to negative WOM.
That’s the main reason why business owners are often suggested to drop the idea of operating an in-house call centre. For the sake of stronger brand image, customer care services should be availed from established inbound call centres.


3. Mechanised Behaviour

Usually, businesses that prefer to handle customer service department on their own provide reliable call scripts to their in-house agents so that better assistance could be delivered during support interactions. It is really a smart move, but the aspect that leads to customer frustrations is robotic behaviour of support agents.

Whenever customers make a call to get satisfactory resolutions, they seek customised assistance. However, when support agents sound impersonal during the call, this leaves a negative impression on customers. Besides dwindling customer satisfaction, it also makes a negative impact on the CLV.             

The most cited reason behind agents’ mechanised behaviour is the habit of following call scripts closely. This factor cannot be taken lightly because whenever support agents try to assist solely using scripts, it makes the call less personable and empathising. As a negative consequence, this leads to the deliverance of inferior support experience.

In a nutshell, you can reap benefits via call scripts only by using them according to the situation. Hence, it is significant to make support agents aware of the negative results that can arise after using scripts carelessly. Here, we would like to advise call centre outsourcing services to business owners as that’s the best way to stay away from any type of hassle.


4. Long Hold Time

From the customers’ point of view, nothing is more frustrating than waiting for a resolution for a long time span. But businesses that handle support requests by themselves generally don’t understand that long hold time is the major factor that uplifts customer frustration. The reason behind long hold time could be anything like high call volume, unavailability of support agents, obsolete technology, etc.

Besides ruining support experience, long hold time multiplies the odds of customer turnover. Thus, if you don’t want to lose loyal customers owing to long hold time, avail call centre outsourcing services from a reputed vendor.

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