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Why Reducing Customer Effort is Important to Build Customer Loyalty

Posted by Taniya arya on Nov 23, 2016 11:09:32 am
Call centre outsourcing service

There is no doubt that building customer loyalty multiplies your revenue streams and reduces the customer churn. Loyal customers are more likely to return back and the cost of selling to them is low. The best part is, they will frequently refer your business to others, which in turn, gives you a high return on the time, money and energy you invest in delivering amazing customer service. According to Gartner, “65% of a company&r... Read more>>

Top Five Call Answering Tips to Deal with Angry Customers

Posted by Taniya arya on Nov 17, 2016 12:15:22 pm
Answering service companies

Angry customers are, unfortunately, a part of the business life. The way you answer a disgruntled customer will determine whether he goes on to explain his experience to all his friends and relatives that how terrible your service is or instead rave about your unrivalled customer service. When it comes to customer support, bad experience spread faster than good. Thus, ensuring that each customer hangs up happily is the topmost priority ... Read more>>

Importance of Call Centre Analytics in Improving Customer Service

Posted by Taniya arya on Nov 09, 2016 11:24:04 am
Call centre company

In today’s dynamic business landscape, uber-fast mobile technology, breakneck social media have made the customer king. It’s no longer enough for a company to have quality products and services to win a customer’s heart. To truly stand ahead of the competition and carve a niche in the evolving marketplace, companies need to provide quality customer services relentlessly. In this modern era, call centres are experien... Read more>>

How To Manage Sudden Spurt In Incoming Calls In A Call Centre

Posted by Taniya arya on Oct 26, 2016 01:07:29 pm
Call centre services

An unexpected rise in the number of incoming calls is one of the top challenges that every call centre manager faces once in a while. Sometimes the reasons are understood-even projected. However in many scenarios such spikes in call volume comes are unexpected.  Managing a high number of incoming calls is a challenging task. While inbound call centre does keep a margin for managing such a situation, in most cases, such a prepara... Read more>>

5 Must-Have Call Centre Tools To Deliver Customer-Centric Support

Posted by Taniya arya on Oct 20, 2016 06:17:32 pm
Outsourced call centres

Patterns of customer behaviours have changed dramatically over the past decade. For call centre companies operating today, becoming more customer-centric is not just a feel-good mantra, it’s a preliminary business requirement. Organisations are expected to surpass customers’ expectations at every interaction to bolster customer experience. For this, they are hiring more qualified & skilled agents, providing them with intensi... Read more>>

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