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Why in-house call centre is not a smart stratagem?

For all the businesses that want to make a mark in the arcade of trade must initiate the force of satiating their target audience. Whether a service-based company or a product-oriented enterprise, prompt and seamless customer experience will actually cut-short the sweat of successful business allegation. When a company practices and preaches the word of patron gratification, it ultimately helps them retain an existing customer as well as compile fresh customers. Apart from consumer satisfaction playing a major role in business success it also helps instills determination and assurance in the brand.

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For, start-up businesses or any businesses in the verge of expansion, it often becomes challenging for them to pioneer instantaneous attention to the customer support services. One of the imperative reasons for poor services is due to lack of workforce or a stockpile of list and goals to proclaim. Such non-core problematic situation uncaps critical damage to the core business. Further to this, it may lead to revenue loss and forfeiture of opportunities. In such detrimental situation outsourcing call centres can retain and magnify their customer foundation without any business fund grievance. According to a study ‘2013 Global Contact Centre Survey’ 77% of the call centres is growing in order to enhance customer communication and business improvement.

A lot of businesses are catching up with the trend of outsourcing their contact centre processes which are inclusive of either of the two processes known as outbound or inbound call centres or both at the same time. However, the despairing factor is that not every business owner supports the concept of outsourcing. The reasons are assumed to be, lack of trust on the third-party organisation or the fallacy of a big-budget approach. However, it is true, that even outsourced contact centres have their own drawbacks but an in-house call centre isn’t a smart move for a business organisation especially for small and mid-sized.

Here, are the advantages of an outsourced UK call centre and disadvantages of in-house call process mentioned below.

Benefits of an outsourced call centres:

An efficient offshore call centre deals with non-core business functionality that is sought separately by an organisation for an overall part or a fraction of call centre services. It is basically a third-party organisation where the company chooses to outsource their call centre obligations to a proficient service provider. Some of the benefits of outsourcing call centres are as under:

  • Economical

One of the most imperative advantages of outsourcing contact centre is due to its economical nature. Myriad businesses in the UK and other foreign countries prefer to outsource their call centre processes to some of the Asian countries because of its profitable aspects of setting up a contact centre at a reasonable cost.

  • Productivity

With the help of an outsourced call centre, an organisation can concentrate on their core business processes such as production, sales and distribution process thus, improvising the productivity aspect of an organisation.

  • Liability

Outsourcing your call center amenities to a trusted third-party service provider entails the risk of engaging in a mutual liability. It withdraws the challenges of security issues thus providing support to each other in every difficult situation.

  • Professionalism

The hectic and tiresome process of training agents and releasing a competent team to handle your customer services are reduced extensively. Outsourcing your call centre emancipates the challenges of hiring, and training agents; which is usually a time-consuming process. Outsourced call centre has a team of professional agents who have the competency to comprehend business aims and enhance customer satisfaction.

Drawbacks of an in-house call centre:

The in-house call centre is a business model where the call centre services are allocated within the organisation.

  • Expensive

Whether outbound call centre or dexterous inbound call centres, in-house customer support service is about managing every non-core process. A company sustaining on in-house call centres consumes a hefty amount of money with limited space for improvement and productivity.

  • Sustainment

Maintaining and retaining customer support service is one of the most imperious features. Failing to do will impact the business growth. Moreover, an in-house call facility will never allow your organisation concentrate on your core business as a result reducing the efficiency rate.

  • Additional accountability

Businesses with an in-built customer support centre cannot execute effective non-core activities to its constant participation in managing profound business strategies along with additional liability.

  • Business imbalance

An in-built contact centre carries the possibility of business breakdown in case of any change in the internal and external business environment.

Therefore, to take an informed business resolution regarding contact centres, it is very crucial to understand the following points mentioned above regarding the decision of outsourcing call centres to a trusted, efficient vendor or waste money on building your own call centre. 

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