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What is Call Handling Service?

When your business is in a growing state, you are likely to enjoy a smoother customer acquisition process. As we know, every new customer amplifies the responsibility on companies to deliver top-notch products and support services.

While using products, if anything goes wrong, customers are likely to get in touch with a company to get desired help. Here, I would like to ask one question: ‘Which service channel is a favourite of customers?’    

Still thinking? Let it be, as the answer is telephone channel because this traditional service platform has a human factor, which hardly any other channel possesses. Due to the very same reason, companies receive a throng of customer calls. At one time, it even feels that giving a response to every incoming call is impossible. This is where the salience of inbound call centres’ call handling service propagates. 

Don’t you have the slightest idea about call handling service? Don’t worry, I can help you in this case; businesses avail call handling service from an established call centre service provider in the pursuance of taking care telephone-related tasks seamlessly.

“Are Both Telephone Answering And Call Handling Service Same?”

Well, both telephone answering and call handling service sound same, but there is a slight yet notable difference between them… Ok, Ok, I tell you the telephone answering service is availed to give a timely response, while call handling service is availed with the purpose of assisting customers until the discussed issue is fully resolved.      

“How Do UK Call Handling Service Providers Secure Desired Results?”

Here are call handling best practices, which prestigious vendors employ to secure high customer satisfaction and first-rate service experience, so have a look:

1. Active Listening   

To render phenomenal call handling services, it is significant to have agents with good listening skills because quality assistance can be delivered if both parties on the call involve in a meaningful dialogue. Specialised call handling service providers are very much acquainted with this fact, and that’s why they strive to cultivate listening skills of their call operators.

Active listening is fundamental because whenever customers place a call, they just want to be heard. In case call handlers interrupt unremittingly, this can frustrate customers, which as a negative aftereffect, could result in quarrels. By any means, this isn’t good, as both customer base and brand image suffer because of the same.

2. Personal tone with proper accent        

Besides listening skills, it also gets noticed how well you engage with customers while call handling. To get off to a good start, beginning with a personal tone is vital, and this not only leads to an effective conversation but also enriches the calling experience of customers.

Apart from the personal tone, another important aspect is ‘proper accent’, as your polite tone won’t be effective if customers aren’t able to understand what you are saying.

To leave nothing to chance, call handling service providers like call centres, contact centres, BPO companies, etc. give top-notch speech training to their customer service representatives. Owing to this fantastic move, their call operators not only enjoy smooth fluency but also leave their problem-creating accent far behind.

3. Low call handling time

Whether your call handling services are effective or not, it totally depends on the AHT (average handle time). If AHT is high, it signals to poor customer service operations or vice versa.

Barring this, most of the customers don’t like to have a word with a chatty service agent, as they want desired resolutions within a couple of minutes so as to continue their halted work.

Thus, call handling service providers always put their best foot forward to pare call handling time. For the same, they provide crucial tools to their call operators such as well-developed call scripts, comprehensive knowledge base, and so on.

4. Put customers at ease   

To ensure customers always rate their calling experience positive, it is paramount to put them at ease first during support interactions.

It is quite important from the business’s perspective because if customers are in comfort, they are likely to describe issues properly during interactions with service agents.

It’s no brainer that better solutions will be delivered, once the real cause is revealed. That’s the main reason why call handlers invite customers to share their issues after making proper greetings.

All in all, setting customers’ mind at ease is instrumental to make certain seamless call handling.

5. Wind up calls on a positive note

When it comes to call handling, everything is important, be it a beginning or ending. However, businesses handling customer calls with the help of in-house service agents often take the importance of proper endings for granted, which as a negative outcome, results in bad WOM.

This happens because customers often remember those words, which service agents have told during the final moment of the call. Hence, winding up customer calls on a positive note is essential to keep enjoying positive WOMM.

Don’t worry about incoming calls, just join forces with Go4customer!

While going through this write-up, you may have already learned that why handling incoming customers calls is important to keep a business in a healthy state. Business owners shouldn’t take any chances because if customers calls are missed or don’t get answered properly, both brand image and profitability are likely to come at jeopardy.

For proper call handling, you must have all the required resources like adroit agents, state-of-the-art technology, good infrastructure, etc. Besides this, you have to invest a big chunk of money on expensive telephone lines. All of this can hamper your business’s bottom line.

At this juncture, you can trust Go4customer. We have been providing call handling services in UK since 2001 and can proudly say that we have always delivered more than our SLAs with clients. This could be one of the main reasons why the list of our clients is lengthening.        

So, if you are a business owner and want to deliver unrivalled service whenever customer calls come, join forces with Go4customer right now!

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