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Tips To Turn Your Call Centre Agents Into Effective Marketing Agents

There are times when in spite of having an efficient marketing team of creative people headed by a strong strategic leader and driven by technical geeks, even tried and tested marketing strategies turn out to be futile. A closer look of the picture helps one pick out the loophole, the weakest link, which more often than not turn outs to be the call centre agents managing the telemarketing services of the company.

Before you start to think about it, it becomes imperative that you as a company realise that it is the call centre agent who is interacting with your customers on your behalf. He represents you and your brand that you want to create by offering products and services to your customers. The conversation that a call centre agent has with your customer can make or break the company’s image in front of the customer and can even cause the customer to break ties with you and get along with your competitor. So if you want to transform your start-up business to a big brand, it is important that you focus on growing a loyal customer base through improved telemarketing services and also by improving customer experience. To accomplish this, you will have to ensure that the call centre agents convey the message that you want to send across your customer and that too in a right tone.

As an increasing number of companies rely on their telemarketing services providers to help them penetrate the market, the call centre executives who interact with customers with the intent of selling products and services are key players and have a crucial role to play in the success of a company.

The aim of this article is to provide you some viable tips on how your call centre agents can be turn into effective marketing agents and provide better telemarketing services:

1. One of the tried and tested practices to target a customer and establish an instant connect with him is to send personalised message and advertisement campaigns. Call centre agents can make use of their management software to obtain information about the customer and the purchases that he has made in past. Implementing this approach helps business retain their loyal customers as personalised messages make them feel valued.

2. To improve telemarketing services, call centre agents should make use of technology and focus on the process how a lead is generated, nurtured and transformed into business. A prompt and apt response to customers’ query can help a company gain business. To ensure that a customer gets 100% accurate information, it is important to ensure that the call centre agents are properly trained on the products and services that they are selling.

3. Empowering a call centre agent with information about a customer’s previous call details, his queries, issues and concerns before a call is made or received helps the agent prepare himself for the call with an effective sales pitch.

4. As no two persons are same, so is the case with customers. Different customers have different needs and different expectations. The effective method to improve telemarketing services is to acquaint call centre agents with different types of customers ranging from easy to convince to those who are difficult to handle and train them how to switch their tone and sales approach to meet the expectations of customers.

5. Training call centre agents and nurturing their soft skills to ensure that they effectively handle customers’ emotions, take their social position and style of communication into account and think from their perspective will help them form a business relationship with the customers that is based on rapport and trust.

6. To ensure that your call centre agents offer impeccable telemarketing services, you need to ensure that they are aptly trained to identify the needs and concerns of a customer and that they provide the customers with complete and 100% accurate information.

Considering the above mentioned points, it is safe to that companies can utilise call centre agents and capitalise on the opportunities provided by them to acquire loyal customer base and penetrate deep into the market. With these tips, you can unleash the caliber of your call centre agents and turn them into effective marketing agents.


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