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Leading Market Research Companies In United Kingdom

For businesses to develop effective strategies, it is important to have access to authentic data. No organization can devise a result oriented business plan without validated information on their consumers, their competitors, vendors, consumer purchasing behaviours and market trends amongst others. Data is the backbone for organization leaders and entrepreneurs to formulate their future growth strategies and business plans. With so much importance attached to data, it is important that businesses employ a reputed market research company to conduct their various business related surveys so that the data collected by them is reliable and beneficial to the business.


List of Top Market Research Companies in the United Kingdom

  • The Market Research Society
  • Go4customer
  • Radius Global Market Research
  • DJS Research Ltd
  • Vision One Research Ltd
  • Northstar Research Partners (UK) Ltd
  • Redshift Research
  • TNS Global
  • Ipsos MORI
  • Plus Four Market Research Ltd
  • Research Associates UK Ltd


Scope of Services offered by UK Market Research Companies

Market Information:  Market research companies collect a comprehensive range of data to help organization understand the opportunities and threats that exist in the market.  These companies collect the information regarding market size, market growth rate, demand and supply scenario of market, market segmentation in terms of demography and gender, and several other market related development and trends.  These data can potentially suggest market stability/volatility conditions, and businesses can use these to launch efficient business expansion initiatives.

Competitor analysis:  To help design efficient business strategies, market research companies help companies with competitor analysis.  They help collect valuable information regarding existing competitors, their strategies, popularities, and acceptance in the market. It enables businesses to devise a strategy that adeptly differentiates it from the competitors in the market.

Purchasing behavior of consumers:  Market research companies conduct comprehensive surveys and examination to analyze the purchasing behavior of target audiences.  Market research companies incessantly monitor and quantify various factors that can influence consumers’ purchasing decisions, such as their needs, expectations, choice, preferences, and demands.  This data helps businesses in formulating efficient customer-centric policies.

Consumer behaviors:  This is yet another area that market research companies provide data on.  A pragmatic approach to comprehend consumers’ behaviors in varied demography and locations can foretell businesses a lot about their investment habit and purchasing decisions.  The professionals of each market research company try to analyze the behaviors of customers and their inclination towards products or services of a particular price range, color, brand, and other parameters.

Categorization of potential customers:  The professionals of every market research company can help businesses in identifying potential customers in different demography and geographical realms.  To ensure efficient identification procedure, these research professionals pay special attention to consumers’ personal and professional details, along with monitoring their socio-economic stature, needs, and demands.

Identification of growth and expansion opportunities:  The data and information collected by a market research company during their studies can help businesses identify growth and expansion opportunities existent in the market.  Based on the data related to business growth and expansion opportunities, companies can make informed business decisions.

Eliminate business related issues:  Services from a market research company can help organization immensely in eliminating all the unanticipated complications that your business might come across.  These services help businesses in collecting the data regarding sudden fall in sales or customer acquisition or retention capabilities. 

Efficient business decisions:  Every market research company makes use of highly proficient tools and business intelligence to help clients formulate efficient business decisions to build brand awareness in the target market.  Furthermore, market research companies guide clients about the much needed modifications in their existing business approaches, which can guarantee favorable outcomes.

Advantages of Market Research Company

Collaborating with an efficient market research company can help organization in multiple ways.  Apart from ensuring enriching customer engagement methods, clients gain access to statistical data and information related to their target market and consumers.  Such data helps businesses to achieve organizational success. 

  • Improved communications with target audience
  • Accurate understanding of customer needs, expectations, demands, and preferences
  • Enhanced customer satisfaction
  • Increased efficiency of business strategies, policies, and initiatives
  • Efficient risk mitigation approach
  • Immaculate analysis of business growth
  • Proficient decision making process


To procure the benefits of exhaustive market researches, every business firm must team up with a renowned market research company.

Go4customer is a leading market research company that offers data driven market research solutions to businesses in diverse domains.  Our proficient market researchers and analysts can assimilate a wide range of market data that can empower businesses to take proficient decisions regarding varied business initiatives and expansion programs. We use advanced technology tools and processes that enable our clients to devise highly competitive market strategies.

To request a quote for our market research services, please write to us.

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