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Lead Generation Companies

Call centre outsourcing companies today not only offer stupendous customer support but also provide lead generation service to the clients.

Lead generation in the business world is defined as initiation of consumers’ interest or inquiry into a specific company’s products and services.  A lead is primarily created for preparing prospective clients list, customer acquisition, and sales enablement functions.  Lead generation usually falls under the umbrella of advertising and marketing campaigns. However, businesses also focus on customer referral and customer advocacy programs as well as search engine results to generate proficient leads.

Considering the impact of lead generation initiatives on sales and business growth, companies collaborate with good lead generation firms to help in obtaining good leads from their target audiences. This helps companies in not only streamlining their advertising and marketing functions, but also in devising an efficient blueprint aimed at enhancing customer acquisition capabilities.  At present, there are numerous lead generating companies in the United Kingdom that render immaculate lead management solutions, including lead generation, lead nurturing, lead verification, as well as sales funnel solutions.

Not only the call centres of UK, but call centres India also offer fabulous customer support and lead generation services. Therefore, if you are looking forward to building your business in India, there are several renowned lead generation companies to outsource your services.  

Types of leads

Lead is basically defined as contact detail and demographic information of a customer or investor interested in a particular company’s products or services. While most companies focus on investor lead management programs, some firms prefer collaborating with B2C lead generation companies and B2B lead generation companies for accomplishing their sales and marketing objectives.

These B2C and B2B lead generation companies render:

Sales lead generation services – Sales leads are generated based on statistical characteristics of target audience or demographical features, such as income, age, investment behaviours, and FICO score.

Investor lead generation services – Investor lead is also a type of sales lead; however, it is actually an identity of a person or a business entity showing interest in investment opportunities in exchange for ROI in the forms of dividends, interest, and profit sharing.

Marketing lead generation services – Marketing lead generation services are brand-specific awareness and marketing programs, which focus on mapping prospective customers with sources and suppliers.

List of Renowned Lead Generation Companies UK

Callbox Inc.: It is a renowned lead generation service provider and marketing firm, which is trusted by many business owners across the world.  It helps businesses access global market via sales support, web marketing, direct marketing, salesforce management, and data base services. This multi-channel lead generation solution provider helps clients in developing campaigns that generate qualified leads. The company holds expertise in broad spectrum of online sales and marketing strategies to help businesses create opportunities in efficient manner.

Intelliverse:  They work with the aim of providing enterprise­-grade communication solutions to organisations.  The company has industry-wide, rich experience of providing customer-focused lead generation solutions to businesses in diverse sectors and geographical realms.

LeadJen: It is a B2B lead generation company that can help your corporate sales and marketing teams generate more revenue through custom marketing campaigns, database building, and B2B appointment setting.  It possesses market intelligence, and makes use of trusted scientific approach to help businesses generate maximum revenues.

Go4customer:  Equipped with state-of-the-art infrastructure, the company is one of the trusted lead generation companies that offers unmatched quality of lead generation services for businesses in diverse domains.  The company is committed to delivering the most cost-efficient, fragile, innovative and performance-driven lead generation solutions. Go4customer also looks forward to handling your customer support, as it is a known call centre outsourcing company, offering services in UK and as call centres India.

Bulldog Solutions:  It is a full-service marketing agency that is exclusively focused on complex B2B market.  They employ adeptly-trained experts to take care of each aspect of B2B marketing, which also includes planning as well as execution of creative marketing programs.

Strategic marketing:  It is a high-tech, data-driven marketing firm that pays special attention to developing innovative multi-communication programs.  To provide optimal growth for businesses, Strategic Marketing offers a fresh marketing perspective that can create competitive edge for success.

Overdrive Interactive:  The Company possesses strategic and technical abilities to deliver promising business outcomes through digital marketing.  While focusing on valuable customer relationship programs and complete corporate branding, the company can help you launch multi-channel online marketing campaigns.

LeadGeneratorsDigital:  It is a leading provider of digital marketing solutions, which help businesses in implementing effective online marketing strategies.  The company is committed to enabling clients achieve online marketing objectives in cost-efficient manner.

The Lead Generation Company:  They provide B2B services to businesses in lead generation, appointment setting, telemarketing, and provision of marketing databases.  To generate new business and develop enriching interactions with prospects, they focus on unscripted, intelligent conversations.

InfoUSA:  Powered with high quality customer contact databases, the company offers a comprehensive range of affordable sales and marketing solutions — direct marketing, targeted marketing lists, and ongoing sales leads — to enable you acquire, manage, and retain customers.



Services offered by Lead Generating Companies UK

Lead generation companies offer efficient solution for businesses in both B2C and B2B markets.  These companies not only render success-driven lead generation solutions, but also help you implement strategic overall marketing plans.

The prominent services offered by lead generation companies are:

Lead nurturing

Lead qualification

Lead management

Telemarketing sales lead generation

B2B lead generation

B2C lead generation

Sales lead generation

Automated sales lead generation

Multilevel-marketing lead generation

Industry-specific sales lead generation

Online B2B lead generation

Online B2C lead generation

Social media monitoring to identify and track proficient leads

While rendering a wide array of proficient lead management solutions, every lead generation company in the UK pays special attention to managing and monitoring the overall customer engagement methods of clients.  As customer engagements actions have become a crucial business driver, organisations worldwide are seeking personalised lead generation services from expert companies. When we talk about expert lead generation companies, the list is not just limited to UK-based companies, but several call center outsourcing companies in India also offer splendid support.

Lead generation tactics used by call centre India and Call Centre UK

Lead generation companies UK are taking necessary steps aimed at improving the efficiency of lead acquisition management techniques of businesses.  These lead generating companies take care of marketing initiatives across all communication channels, and use the below mentioned lead generation tactics:

Conferences or trade shows

Email marketing

Search Engine Optimisation


Company’s websites

Virtual events/webinars

Public relation programs

Paid search (PPC and CPM)

Social media marketing

Online advertising

Direct mail marketing

Print advertising

Sales demo services

Consumer referral programs

Customer appreciation initiatives


Benefits of Collaborating with UK Lead Generating Companies and Call Centres India

Higher response rates:  Every lead generation company pays special attention to enhancing the response rates of marketing campaigns.  Be it email deliverability or following-up with prospects on a regular basis, lead generating companies in the UK perform every relevant action to increase the response rate of lead generation campaigns.

Market viability tests:  B2B lead generation companies assess the opportunities in market quite proficiently, and they consult expert market analysts and surveyors to gather and quantify the data related to business opportunities in target markets.

Efficient prospect list building:  This is the main advantage of collaborating with a trusted lead generation company.  By acquiring lead generation services from a trusted company, you can build prospect list efficiently.

Scientific cleaning of data:  B2B lead generation companies make use of pragmatic, scientific, and methodological techniques to clean database effectively.  They also devote resources to classifying unresponsive contacts and adding new prospects on a regular span of time.

Cost-effective marketing campaigns:  Lead generation companies UK help you launch cost-efficient marketing campaigns of your products/services.  They have adeptly-trained marketing experts who use latest technologies to make your marketing campaigns cost-effective.


If you wish to devise and implement an effective lead generation program for your business, then collaborate with Go4customer, one of the trusted lead generation companies UK.  We offer one-stop solution for all your lead generation requirements and are also a call centre India and UK offering superb customer support.  Our highly proficient, strategically-trained marketing executives hold in-depth expertise in not only generating, nurturing, and qualifying prospective leads, but also in managing and monitoring the overall marketing functions of businesses.

Go4customer is among proficient call centre outsourcing companies in UK and India, and we aspire to deliver effective management solutions to clients.

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