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How Outsourcing Telemarketing and B2C Lead Generation Function Can Help SMEs Grow?

Every business model works on the basic idea of trading products and services for money or other products/service. To make a mark in market and climb the ladder of success, every business strives to increase its sales and boosts its revenues. While some businesses rope in experienced marketing agents to do industry research and formulate effective marketing strategies, others outsource this function to industry experts in this particular domain to get the work done by effective professionals.      

Telemarketing is one offering of outbound call centres that has helped a multitude of companies to device efficient and effective marketing strategies at competitive pricing. Since the time outsourcing started gaining popularity, telemarketing has remained one process that many organisations preferred to outsource. Telemarketing has not only helped companies boost their sales figures, one of its subset – lead generation service, both B2B lead generation and B2C lead generation, has helped businesses acquire new customers and increase its customer base.  

Telemarketing for SMEs

In this competitive world, it has become increasingly difficult for Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises (SMEs) acquire new customers. It is mainly because of the fact that these SMEs are not able to qualified and experienced in-house marketing staff that will perform due research and help them device effective marketing strategies. Not only this, they cannot afford to set-up an in-house telemarketing process. The inability to form effective sales and marketing strategies and implementing them properly by ensuring that everyone from a telemarketer to sales executive of Business Development team follows the strategies have costed them dearly. A huge number of start-up fails mainly due to the fact that they are not able to create brand awareness, retain clients and acquire new customers. The solution to this problem lies in adopting the cost effective approach of outsourcing telemarketing and B2C lead generation function to a reliable vendor who has a proven track record of delivering quality services and accomplishing pre-set goals in the required field. Outsourcing marketing research, telemarketing and lead generation functions to a third party not only helps SMEs to create brand awareness and generate qualified leads, but also gives them insights to customers’ needs and expectations, how market reacts and behaves and help them device effective sales and marketing strategies that will help them accomplish the desired results with ease.

How Outsourcing Telemarketing and B2C Lead Generation Can Help SMEs Grow?

It is hard for an entrepreneur or small business owners to outsource a process or at least a portion of process to an unknown firm. They have their set of apprehensions and doubts to clarify. They want to nurture their business on their own and see it grow. By taking care of all the functions on their own, they will become jack of all trades and master of none. They have to realise that to achieve success and expand their business it is a prerequisite that they focus on their core-competencies and expansion plans and hire professional telemarketing and lead generation companies UK to take care of telemarketing and lead generation aspect of their business. Below are few points that help these entrepreneurs and small businesses clear their doubts pertaining to outsourcing certain business functions like telemarketing and lead generation to industry experts:

  • Create Brand Awareness: Proper branding is a prerequisite for creating brand awareness in customers. However, it is not possible for SMEs to spend exuberant amount of money to run branding campaigns. For such enterprises, telemarketing is one cost effective approach to reach out a large customer base and get them acquainted with your business and its offerings.


  • Better Insight of Customers’ needs, expectations and behaviour: SMEs operate on restricted budget. They have limited resources which do not allow them to hire market experts to provide better insight of market trends and customers’ needs, expectations and behaviour. By outsourcing telemarketing and B2C lead generation these enterprises authorises call executives to communicate with customers on behalf of the organisation. The daily interaction of these executives helps them gain insight of how marketing behaves and what are the needs and expectations of both existing and prospective customers. Enterprises can make the most of such scenario by devising and implementing proper marketing strategies based on the information gathered by executives. 


  • Strengthen Bonds with Customers: Telemarketers and B2C lead generation executives have regular communication with customers, both existing and prospective. This interaction enables them to understand customers better and offer those customers products and services that suit their purpose. This helps executives connect with customers on personal level, gain trust, offer better services and strengthen bonds with customers, which helps in customer acquisition and retention.


In addition to cost effective telemarketing and lead generation services that help a business improve its telesales and lead numbers, these are some of the offerings of lead generation companies UK that help SMEs accomplish their business goals.

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