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How Call Centre Outsourcing Benefits Businesses in the UK

Call centre outsourcing has gained immense popularity and acceptance amongst companies in the United Kingdom in the past few years.  Most businesses are partnering call centre companies to streamline their business functions and minimize their operational expenses.  In addition, outsourcing enables these businesses to drive value for their business by freeing them to focus on their core competencies. 

Call centre companies in UK offer a wide range of solutions that include inbound, outbound, and web-enabled outsourcing services.  If you run a business in the UK and wish to leverage the benefits of call centre outsourcing, then you should collaborate with Go4customer.  We are one of UK’s leading call centre companies and offer a wide range of business process outsourcing services. We have one of the strongest client network in UK and have served the call centre requirements of more than 50 leading companies from UK in the past decade.

What are outsourced BPO services?

Call centre outsourcing companies offer a wide range of services that help organisations in meeting their diverse business requirements.  The prime function of every outsourcing service provider is to ensure efficient and enriching customer engagement methods.

These services can be broadly classified into:

Inbound call centre services:  As the name suggests, inbound call centres manage incoming calls made to a business. The prime objective for companies to offer such services is to service their customers. Inbound call centre processes consist of 70% of the overall customer services, and therefore, businesses prefer to acquire them from a trusted service provider.

Prominent inbound call centre services are:

  • Virtual receptionist services
  • Query handling services
  • Information request services
  • Customer services
  • Sales lead qualification and closure services
  • Product recall management services
  • Technical troubleshooting services
  • Directory inquiry services
  • Order booking services
  • Insurance claims processing services
  • Appointment scheduling services
  • Customer help desk services
  • Order entry services
  • Inbound sales services
  • Job dispatch services
  • Scheduling sales demos services
  • Rebate/claim processing services
  • Medical answering services
  • Subscription services
  • Event scheduling services


Outbound call centre services:  Outbound call centre services are calls made by a business to customers to generate leads and make sales. Businesses employ outbound services from reputed call centre outsourcing companies because such services are directly related to their revenue generation capabilities. Outbound call centre services are mainly focused upon enabling businesses to conduct proficient telemarketing campaigns.

A list of common outbound services are:

  • Telemarketing services
  • Product/service promotion services
  • Lead nurturing services
  • Market surveys
  • Consumer researches
  • After-sales follow-up services
  • Customer support services
  • Order fulfillment services
  • Data verification services
  • Customer satisfaction surveys


Web-enabled call centre services:  In the digitalized business world, businesses are in grave need of offering efficient, instant, and friendly services to customers, that’s too on a round-the-clock basis.  Herein, web-enabled call centre services offered by call centre companies have emerged as an ideal help for businesses worldwide to meet the expectations of millennials. 

Some of the highly proficient web-enabled services offered by call centre outsourcing companies are:


Benefits of partnering call centre companies

Improved business performance:  By acquiring services from call centre companies, you can conveniently improve the performance of your business functions in terms of effectiveness as well as cost-efficiency.  Apart from these, services rendered by call centre outsourcing companies help you in streamlining core business functions, which further improves the overall performance of your business firm.

Enhanced reputation:  The call centre services rendered by proficient service providers are predominantly focused upon enhancing the reputation of businesses in competitive marketplace.  By acquiring call centre services, you can efficiently ensure that your customers and prospects are offered immaculate, personalized, and convenient support and care.  This helps you in garnering enhanced reputation not only among consumers, but also in overall marketplace.

Increased overall efficiency:  Call centre services not only help you in accomplishing non-core functions competently, but also enable you to focus on value driven aspects and core competencies of your business.  This paves way for increased overall efficiency.

Reduced operational and infrastructural expenses:  The services rendered by call centre companies help business firms in keeping an intact limitation on their operational and infrastructural expenses.  You would not be forced to spend huge amount of resources to meet operational and infrastructural requirements of non-core functions.

Therefore, if you wish to leverage the benefits of call centre outsourcing companies, then you should collaborate with a leading call centre.  In the past two decades, improved technology has led to a rapid growth of call centre companies in the United Kingdom.  Sensing an immense growth and expansion opportunity, several companies from diverse domains have invested in the outsourcing industry, and most of them have adeptly been able to scale pinnacle of success along with meeting their client requirements adroitly.  These call centre outsourcing companies in the UK offer highly effective yet cost-efficient services to businesses. 

Herein, we provide you a list of some leading call centre companies in the United Kingdom.

  • Serco
  • Teleperformance
  • Go4customer
  • Webhelp
  • BSkyB
  • Confero
  • Ansaback
  • alldayPA
  • Ventrica
  • GRG Public Resources Ltd


If you are looking for call centre outsourcing companies in the UK, write to us now.

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