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Owing to the high-end technology and innovations that are shaping the business sector every now & then, the entire world is shrinking (figuratively). Outsourcing, a business strategy that was started as a cost-saving resort and now is utilized as an extension of a company’s expansion, branding, and survival plan, has brought the entire world together.

It is quite astonishing to see that outsourcing is the only tactic, strategy, or process that is able to bring the whole world to agree on the same thing despite the cultural, belief, race, and political differences. Never before humanity has seen such a global collaboration being so successful.

There is evidence that outsourcing was initiated as early as the beginning of the 20th century, but that was not effective or global. In fact, before the beginning of the 21st century, outsourcing was considered to be big companies’ play. However, with the internet getting advanced, western companies, mainly in the UK and USA, turned their attention toward outsourcing.

India, the world’s largest democracy, became the favourite outsourcing destination for the businesses in the American and European continent. The rest is history. India, as of today, holds 66% of the total call centres operating in the world. Indian call centres are known to cater to several big, medium, and small businesses across the globe.

Apart from India, there are several other nations participating vigorously to win the throne of the outsourcing king of the world but India is too strong in this perspective. Nations like the Philippines, Bulgaria, Brazil, Malaysia, etc. have been bending their back to impress the western business owners, none could match the supremacy that India continues to enjoy in the outsourcing industry.

The only reason, in the beginning, because of which the businesses in the UK, USA, Australia, etc. preferred India was the availability of a colossal and cheap workforce. Today, there is more than one reason that makes most of the companies of all sizes, nature, and transaction feature route towards call centres in India. Let’s take a look at them.

Why Call Centres in India makes the most sense for your business?

Call Centres in India is the largest sector that offers employment to millions of people. Apart from this, big organizations like Microsoft, Apple, General Electric, American Express, and Amazon are the ones that hand over their tasks to Indian call centres. Even the biggest brands want our call centres to effectively manage their mission-specific operations. The reasons that elude so many companies to hire call centres in India are:

resource-availability cost-benefit The-telecom-giant
Resource Availability The Cost-Benefit The Telecom Giant


1. Resource Availability

India holds the world largest population after China but that’s not what eludes so many companies in the UK to avail services from call centres in India. The most compelling aspect is that India has the largest qualified workforce in the world.

For an instance, India produces 1.5 million engineers every year and around 0.5 million MBA graduates annually. That is a massive figure in terms of the availability of qualified professionals. Indian technicians are well-versed with international standards and guidelines. Additionally, the number of STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) students that graduate every year in India is a staggering 5 million.

This makes India favourite for the call centre outsourcing requirement. Indian call centre agents with a vast experience and strong technical knowledge under their belt ensure not only prompt resolutions but also an engaging interaction with the customers. These agents understand that the best way to engage customers is by empathy, professionalism, and keeping a problem-solving approach.

Also, call centres in India are known to train their agents to provide multi-channel assistance to the customers. Apart from handling calls, these experts are stringently disciplined to manage emails, chats, texts, social media posts, etc. So, if you own a company in the USA, Australia, and the UK, you know India is the perfect place to outsource your business tasks.

2. The Cost-Benefit

Outsourcing is so prevalent and practised because it offers huge benefits to the businesses of all industries. In this prospect, India is amongst the nations that offer the largest margins in operational expense to the businesses. The cost of hiring a beginner level technical expert in the USA and UK is almost 3 times costlier than in India. It means you can hire a technical support professional for 33% less price in India without compromising on the competency or qualification. That obviously boosts your business’s profitability remarkably.

Along with this, Indian real estate prices are quite low as compared to the cost of property in the UK and USA. This allows the call centre India to expand without any hurdles. Call centres in India are so many because of the cheap expense that is involved in setting up those facilities. This is why a lot of organizations in the western nations look to open up their call centres or hire service providers in India. The prices of metropolitan cities’ property have risen a bit but the BPO owners have ensured to open up new centres in Tier 2 cities now. This keeps the cost-benefit intact for the BPO organizations. Nations where real estate prices are up, the overall charge for the services will be automatically high. So, Indian call centres are the apparent choices for companies around the globe.

3. The Telecom Giant

India has Asia’s largest telecom network. This empowers Indian call centres with high-end technology backup that is needed to offer seamless and uninterrupted services to the businesses. India has over 25 million cables laid all across the country making its telecom competency quite effective and efficient. Along with this, many Indian private and public sector companies have successfully installed around 8500 VSATs escalated across the country. This heaves the hosting of business process outsourcing companies across the nation. So, companies in the USA, UK, Australia, etc. can relax and be stress-free about the technical glitches and allied issues.

BPO- Friendly Government

24-hour clock availability

A wide array of outsourcing solutions


4. BPO-Friendly Government

Since call centres have become the primary source of employment in India, the government through its BPO specific policies to ease the amplification of the outsourcing sector. Leverages such as the rebate on taxes imposed on the export of ITES and call centre services and easy availability of necessary ultra-modern infrastructure and high-end software technology has made the operation of call centres quite easy to stretch legs.

5. 24-Hour Clock Availability (The time zone benefit)

India has a natural competitive advantage over other nations when it comes to outsourcing. The time zone between Indian and the USA is approximately 12-hours, making it a perfect outsourcing destination for the companies looking to provide around-the-clock assistance to their customers. In addition, since the BPO industry has employed millions of professionals, the trend of having a rotational shift is quite common. A lot of Indian call centres operate in night shift from a long time so workforce here is quite well-versed with the working environment in odd shifts too. Companies in the UK also prefer India because of the dexterity and the comfort of call centre sector to provide unparalleled services 24*7*365.

6. A wide array of Outsourcing Solutions

Call centres in India are known for their holistic approach to offer stability and growth for the businesses of all sectors. Owing to be the most experienced and competent outsourcing nation, India has call centres that provide a wider range of services like:

Along with this, as a client, you can always keep a close check on the performance of the call centre India through an integrated call centre management platform. This tells you whether the offered services are in conformation with your business bottom line or not.





Competitive Edge


7. Technology

Indians are tech-savvy. Seeing the present CEOs of Google and Microsoft (Sundar Pichai and Satya Nadella respectively), one can simply understand that India is a country that produces engineers and experts that love to juggle with the new tech. So, when it comes to comprehending, adopting, and installing new technologies like cloud, AI, RPA, etc., there is no hurdle. Call centre in India is equipped with the trending technology that is utilized to offer exceptional service and an outstanding customer experience. Because of the conformity with the latest tech, Indian call centres are dominating the outsourcing sector with such ease.

8. Competitive Edge

There is not an iota of doubt that Indian call centres are leading from the front in the outsourcing industry because of the established prominence and illustrious reputation. Call centres in India are providing impeccable services to the businesses worldwide for almost 2 decades now and they are quite aware of the market standards, customers’ requirements, and issues that can halt the growth of the companies. So, making a decision to hire Indian call centres will be a frugal and wise step to attain a competitive edge over your rivals.

So, if you are looking for a proficient, experienced, and preeminent Indian call centre that can not only take care of your extraneous tasks but can also work as an extension of your business, Go4customer is what you are looking for. Our company holds a credible and astonishing track record of catering to the diverse call centre requirements of the businesses in UK, Australia, and UK. Come, join us and witness an exponential and phenomenal growth for your business.

Why Go4customer should be your Preferred Indian Call Centre?

When it comes to seeking a reliable partner that could assist and get along with your business objectives, you deserve the best. A call centre in India that could not only increase your business performance but also provides you with an edge in this cut-throat competition. Go4customer, one of the premier names in providing call centre services, is known to meet and exceed the demands of global and local businesses with its customer-centric approach and problem-solving proficiency. We own advanced and well-versed call centre tools and infrastructure that is quintessential to provide uninterrupted and unmatched services for your business. Our colossal workforce caters to the diverse and dynamic requirements of businesses in the UK, USA, Australia, etc. with tailor-made solutions and comprehensive know-how of the domain.

Our objective is to offer sustainable growth, expansion opportunities, profitability, and stability to your company by overmatching your business demands in a timely and orderly manner. For the same, we provide a holistic array of call centre India services that incorporate:

Inbound call centre services: We have a diligent team of dexterous professionals that provides superior inbound services to effectively address and handle requests from customers for a query, support, information, consultancy, and complaint.

Outbound call centre services: If you really want to experience a sustainable expansion of your company or if you are planning to enter in new or untapped territories, our outbound team will make sure to offer you customized, high-performing, and exquisite telemarketing campaigns.

Web-enabled call centre services: Go4customer is one of the leading call centre services providers in the UK owing to its competence in offering omnichannel assistance to businesses. Our deft team will make sure to offer you incomparable support solutions on different daises like emails, chats, texts, instant messengers, social media, etc. With around-the-clock assistance, we leave no stone unturned to offer maximum engagement and satisfaction for your customers.

Research and survey services: Data is the most significant element that helps a business to plan its future actions. Go4customer utilizes the advanced CATI technology and allied analytical processes to collect, assess, analyse, and interpret statistical information in a quantified form.

Data verification services: To build and maintain the credibility of your company, ensuring the authenticity and preciseness of business data becomes a must. We undertake a nimble and efficient approach to check the accuracy, dependability, and integrity of data for your business.

Help desk services: Our help desk support professionals have in-depth knowledge and a far-out experience that they utilize to provide stupendous remote assistance to businesses in the UK, USA, Australia, etc.

So, for any business requirement, approach Go4customer today!

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