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Contrary to popular belief, telemarketing is an excellent way to drum up business and enhance customer awareness. From multi-million dollar corporations to small businesses to political campaigns, telephone marketing is utilized by business men and women all over the globe. If you own or head a business and are looking for an effective way to increase sales, look no further than telephone marketing. Telephone marketing can be effective for a variety of different businesses. Let's say, for example, that you have just opened up a new restaurant. In addition to mass mailings and/or newspaper advertisements, utilizing the services of a telephone marketing company can put the name of your restaurant in the ears of potential customers long before you serve your first dish!

The same can be said of larger businesses such as those offering professional services. Hiring someone to telephone market your pool cleaning company, for instance, is an excellent way to generate new business and keep members of your local community informed as to sales and or specials your business might be offering. What's more, hiring outside telephone marketing professionals frees your time and enables you to better serve your current clients!

Regardless of what type of company you run, telemarketing is a wise option. Telemarketing outsourcing enables you to concentrate on the more business-oriented aspects of the process. By engaging services of our telemarketers, you can literally triple your output in a matter of days. This pyramidal process then frees you up to concentrate on other ventures. Outsourcing allows you to dramatically scale your efforts with minimal increase of internal overhead.  In addition, technology, personnel, and legal issues can be a huge burden.  Effective outsourcing will allow you to concentrate on running your business - while allowing Go4Customer to manage your customer contact operations.  

Our telemarketing services are designed to form new leads and follow-up with prospects and past or current clients. Addresses, contacts, and all other pertinent information is verified during each phone call to better your chances of reaching the person who is most likely to do business with you. Of course, setting up a Telemarketing Outsourcing operation requires a tremendous amount of hard work. We’ve the skills, capabilities to make your Telemarketing Initiative a successful one .and have operational platform acceptable to all parties involved.

Outbound telemarketing enables you to reach your customer base in an exciting and innovative way. Why continue to work from an inefficient telemarketing platform when there are so many opportunities for improvement? You can meet and exceed your current quota simply by employing a few basic principles of outbound telemarketing. When you combine the right people with state-of-the-art technology, you can't help but achieve powerful results! Our outbound telemarketing call centers are the most advanced in the country. All of our outbound telemarketing facilities can provide you with custom reporting, hot transfers, 3rd party verification, digital recording, digital backup, off-site monitoring, and web-enabled outbound telemarketing programs. All of our outbound telemarketing call centers are equipped with predictive, automated, and manual phone stations.

One of the keys to voice advertising is to target your customer niche as effectively as possible. Those who cold call in a non-systematic way -- via alphabetical order, for instance -- do their efforts disservice. There is no need to channel your energies into a platform that has been proven to fail.

The outbound telemarketing services we offer include:

·         Appointment Setting

·         Lead Generation/Qualification

·         Phone Sales

·         Seminar Registration

·         List Cleaning/Database Update

·         Surveys

·         Market Research

·         Direct Mail Follow-up

·         Trade Show Follow-up

·         Fundraising

·         Announce A Sale, Grand Opening, Or Special Event

·         Political GOTV & Grass Roots Campaigns

·         Recruiting

·         Prospecting

·         Up-selling/Cross-selling

·         B2B or B2C Product/Service Selling

Telemarketing Quote

To receive your inbound call centre or outbound telemarketing quote, simply fill out our free quote request at our website. Our consultants pride themselves on fast response and engagement of your telemarketing solution.

First our telemarketing experts analyze your request and contact you to discuss your telemarketing or call centre need in greater detail.

Next, our telemarketing specialist provides you with a Telemarketing Consultant dot com inhouse quote or contacts the appropriate inbound call centre or outbound telemarketing agency, within hours of your request!

Our Go4Customer telemarketing call centre will follow up with you to ensure your outbound telemarketing or inbound call centre needs were met or exceeded!.

Our experts will assist you every step of the way. Excellent service is our guarantee!

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Telemarketing Service

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